Trained 15 participants get ready to collect baseline data

As aimed to build and strengthen capacity to create database and collect data for the LAMP, the project implementation unit has organized a training on Baseline data collection and project M&E for 15 monitoring and evaluation officers of the Veterinary and Animal Breeding units from the project participating soums on November 28-29, 2014 in Ulaanbaatar city. During the training, all M&E officers were trained on the proposed baseline data collection methodologies and project monitoring and evaluation. Thus, the data collection for the project baseline data will start by December 7, 2014 in the participating soums. Under the direct supervision of the project Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, the baseline data collection and data entry will be implemented by M&E officers in the participating soums covering, Chuluut, Tsakhir and Tsetserleg soums of Arkhangai province, Bayantsagaan, Galuut and Jargalant soums of Bayankhongor province, Otgon, Tsetsen Uul and Yaruu soums of Zavkhan province and Burentogtokh, Tosontsengel and Tunel soums of Khuvsgul province. The results and findings identified by the baseline survey will be broadly used to measure the changes and improvements brought by the project implementation against the project development indicators and the project intermediate indicators and make assessments on livestock and agriculture sector production in the participating soums. Moreover, 3 key indicators of the project development and intermediate results will be defined as using the baseline data and findings. As having a baseline data, the project mid-term and final evaluation for measuring its scope of implementation and impacts will become possible to be carried out.