LAMP conducts capacity building training for 110 specialists of vaccine cold chain operations and meat and dairy examination

LAMP supplied 64 veterinary entities in project-participating soums and aimags with the following tools and equipment: refrigerated vehicles for vaccine transportation, tools for temperature and humidity logging, vaccine refrigerators, and generators. Following this equipment investment and as part of the capacity building program, LAMP carried out a training named “Veterinary vaccines cold chain and meat and dairy examination” from November 1 to November 7, 2016.

Trainings were conducted in Khuvsgul aimag center Murun city, Zavkhan aimag center Uliastai city, and Govi-Altai aimag center Altai city. A total of 110 veterinarians, veterinary specialists, and state veterinary inspectors from 15 soums of project-participating 5 aimags participated in these trainings and learned about vaccine cold chain and its standard operations, and meat and dairy examinations.

Moreover, trainers visited laboratories and Veterinary Departments of the Food and Agriculture Agencies of Khuvsgul, Zavkhan, and Govi-Altai aimags and familiarized themselves with operations, such as vaccine storage, transportation, vaccine cold chain, vaccine supply availability, and vaccine use. Trainers gave advice and taught trainees how to use the LAMP supplied refrigerated vehicles, temperature and humidity loggers, and computers; also, technicians practiced using them. Furthermore, training participants learned how to use dairy testing equipment Lactoscan 60S, which was supplied by LAMP, and meat testing pH meter, which was donated 5 years ago by the Mongolian Meat Program. Participants were satisfied with the training results, as they learned how to perform meat and dairy tests using these equipments and how to read the test results.

At the same time, a training on how to conduct a project operations and implementation monitoring was organized for the managers of state and private Veterinary, Animal Husbandry and Breeding Units. Also, directions and advice on monitoring of project implementation of each field of the project, including animal health, livestock breeding, and animal nutrition production, were given to the Heads of aimags’ VABUs.