239 entities was benefited
Total number of beneficiaries 13,684
37 sub-projects on value chain has been implemented
Model of developing storage facilities near production sites has been established in order to reduce the negative impact of price fluctuation due to the seasonal nature of vegeta..
There are 68 micro-grant with MNT 1.2 billion
Total number of 68 sub-projects beneficiaries is 3,978 individuals from 787 households
The project established 19 nucleus flocks with population of 3,739 dams and 20 male flocks consisting of 2,904 heads of sires and rams
6,635 heads of breeding young sires and rams representing 18 breeds and strains of 15-20% higher productivity compared with animals of same age and sex. 456 tons of hay 47.4 to..
0.8 million USD was invested for animal health
Investments in aimags and soums veterinary entities aimed at promoting animal health consist of over 690 items of 62 types of equipment and tools and 5 types of animal drugs.
Green fodder plantation increased
24 cooperatives and entities engaged in animal nutrition funded by the project possessed 2,194.3 ha of land in 2015, 2,394 ha in 2016, and 3,091 ha in 2017.
88 training were conducted covering 7450 participants
This resulted in the practice of growing healthy livestock.
The project developed and implemented the Communication and Information Dissemination strategic plan.
In line with the plan, 19 types of extension printed materials, 10 types of video lessons, and 28 series of videos about horticulture, animal nutrition, animal health, and breedi..
The project carried out 5 Collaborative Researches
Collaborative Research on Brucellosis Surveillance for Breeding Animals, Animal Ecto- and Endo-parasitic Diseases, Cashmere Goat and Sheep Breed Improvement, Small ruminant class..